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Gameloft Soft Launches ‘Iron Blade: Medieval Legends’, But Region Locks Access

Gameloft has soft-launched a new game, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends. This action-RPG eschews direct character control for a simplified, mobile-friendly taps and swipes based system. Lots of loot is to be obtained, along with a system of building up a castle while attacking other players’ fortifications. Also, you’ll get to travel all throughout Europe and fight vampires in Transylvania! Neat!

Do note that once again, Gameloft is region-locking players who aren’t actually in the soft launch region for the game. So if you’re not in the Phillippines, you’ll be left out of playing this one unless you bust out the trusty ol’ VPN to get access. If you have that, you can read our guide to download soft launch games at this link, check out the forum thread to discuss and see impressions from our readers, and download the game from the link below:

Philippines App Store Link: Iron Blade: Medieval Legends