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Rocketcat Games Exclusively Reveals ‘Death Road to Canada’ Launch Date and Update Plans

We have some big exclusive news to announce. Death Road to Canada, the latest game by Rocketcat Games and Madgarden, is releasing on on Wednesday, March 22nd. The randomly-generated road trip action-RPG has been on PC for a few months, but the mobile release just recently got finished up as big updates hit the PC version after launch. And in fact, the release of Death Road to Canada on iOS won’t be the end. $7.99 will get you the game at launch, but much like Wayward Souls ($7.99), the price will steadily increase over time. A couple weeks later, some new content and features are being added in. This includes the sure to be much-requested MFi controller support, and even streaming straight from the app. The game will go to $8.99 then. A couple months down the road, another big content update will release, raising the game to $9.99.

This is a rather fun and goofy title in the Rocketcat and Madgarden tradition. There’s the trademark off-kilter sense of humor, weird random events that can happen, and a character creator that lets you create friends, family, and whoever you darn well feel like should be a character in the game. Plus, you’ll find the occasional rare vehicle like a giant hot dog van. You’ll also find special characters like Santa Claus, or a guy who farts explosions. The replay value promises to be immense on this one, and I’ve already sunk a good amount of time into the game. iOS 8.1 is the minimum version supported, so iPad 2 and up should be able to play the game. Starting on Wednesday, you will be on the death road…to the end of playing anything else in your free time. Go join the forum thread to get hyped with everyone else.