Big ‘Warcher Defenders’ Update Coming Next Month, Adds Mercenaries and More

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I’ve been an advocate of the archery-based castle defense game Warcher Defenders (Free) from Ogre Pixel for quite some time now. Its trailer caught my attention in May of last year just a few weeks ahead of its release, and I even thought highly enough of the game to include it in our list of Hidden Gems of 2016. While it’s been a while since the game came out, Ogre Pixel has been working hard on a pretty major update to Warcher Defenders and it’s finally in its final stages and targeting a release next month. Probably the most major change in this update is the ability to hire mercenaries to fight alongside you as you defend against all manner of evil enemies. You can catch a glimpse of the mercenaries in this new trailer for Warcher Defenders.

Along with hiring mercenaries this update will also feature a new Daily Challenge mode, the ability to revive using in-game currency, a new scanlines option for an even more retro look, an iMessage sticker pack, and lots of balance and performance improvements. While it may have its quirks, for a buck there’s really a lot to love about Warcher Defenders, and it sounds like this huge update will improve upon an already great thing. If you haven’t picked it up previously and you enjoy launching arrows and fantastic pixel art, I can easily recommend it and you can find out more about the game along with some discussion in our forums.

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