Arcade/Tower Defense Hybrid ‘Warcher Defenders’ is Now Available

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Earlier this month we showed you the trailer for a clever upcoming arcade/tower defending game from developer Ogre Pixel called Warcher Defenders (Free), and as of late last night the game is now available in the App Store. It’s tough calling Warcher Defenders a “tower defense" game, as even though you’re literally defending enemies from attacking your tower it’s not the typical tower defense formula at all. More accurately it’s a castle defense game as it’s played from a sideview with enemies approaching from the right. There are platforms attached to your tower which allow you to attack from various heights.

The initial playable character, the Archer, has you aiming the arc of your shots in order to hit the enemies who approach from a variety of heights. It’s tricky and a lot of fun, and in addition to the Archer there’s a Wizard and a Knight which you can unlock as well which (I’m assuming) have their own unique main attacks. Then there’s a bunch of additional weapons, outfits, and power-ups you can unlock and use. Oh, and along with a main level-based campaign there’s also an endless mode as well as a boss rush mode. Yeah, this game has a ton of features.

I’ve only been able to spend a short amount of time with Warcher Defenders so far, but I’ve been blown away by just how much I’m enjoying it. I was excited for its arrival of course but it definitely exceeded my expectations already. As one of our forum members put it, “It almost has a Slayin ($0.99) vibe to it" which I think is totally spot-on. If you are among the many people who love Slayin, I think you’ll instantly fall in love with Warcher Defenders. Be sure to follow along with the discussion in our forums to see what others are saying about Warcher Defenders, too.

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