NimbleBit’s ‘Bit City’ Now Available, Combining City Builders and Clickers

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The latest game in the series of Apple indie games features has just released, as the oracle foretold. Bit City (Free), the newest game by Nimblebit, is now available for your perusal. Towers are so 2012. Entire cities are 2017. This one combines elements of city builders with clickers. You build out your city with various buildings, while using the earnings to buy idle revenue generators. Also, there’s that giant build button that you can mash to build new buildings as you buy more and more land.

It’s an interesting take on a couple of saturated genres, but NimbleBit has done a great job at making their games feel quite different from how anyone else does them, so even if you’re sick of town builders and clickers, give this one a shot. Read our preview post for more impressions, and keep an eye out for a guide on the game very soon. Who knows what the next major Apple feature will be, but Golf Zero does come out on the 14th…

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