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‘Nonstop Chuck Norris’ is ‘Nonstop Knight’ but With Chuck Norris

I can remember a simpler time on the internet when Chuck Norris facts were the meme comedy of the day. Those were simpler times. In 2017, everything’s gone crazy. Maybe the thing to right the ship is the return of unstoppable force of nature, Chuck Norris. Well, Flaregames is about to deliver that to the world in a new mobile game, Nonstop Chuck Norris. Check out the first teaser trailer below for the game ahead of its April release:

Yes, that does look a lot like a Chuck Norris version of last year’s Nonstop Knight (Free), which by all indications did rather well for Flaregames. It was a solid take on idle action-RPGs, and if you’re throwing in the meme of the indominable Chuck Norris, that makes sense? Expect this one next month, though apparently you can pick it up in soft launch right now as well. You know, if getting Chuck Norris’ game before he says it’s out is something that doesn’t scare you. Here’s a guide for downloading soft launch games, and good luck surviving the fist within his beard if he doesn’t like it.

Canadian iTunes Link: Nonstop Chuck Norris