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Help Beta Test ‘Bike Club’, a Game About Building Bikes and Shooting Stuff

Set Snail has announced an interesting game called Bike Club, and they need beta testers for it. This looks off the bat like another physics biking game, albeit with some cool two-dimensional artwork, and that’d be fine! Physics racers are still a fun genre. But how about if you had to bike on homemade contraptions…and shoot targets in the air at the same time? While riding clearly makeshift bicycline contraptions? Yes, yes, that is the good stuff. Just like the American dream, though Set Snail is Danish, so maybe it’s the Danish dream? And I didn’t even mention the chickens.

Bike Club has an intriguing premise, but it’s going to need some help to come to fruition. Set Snail is looking for beta testers on our forums right now. Go over to the forum thread and follow their instructions to sign up and help test this one out if you’re interested.