Brutal Tilt Platformer ‘Collect or Die’ Is Now Free for the First Time on the App Store

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Despite its relative brevity, Collect or Die ($1.99) left a profound impression when I reviewed it back in January. While its ultra-hard masochistic approach to level design wasn’t particularly innovative, Super Smith Bros’ daring approach to make the game entirely tilt controlled gave Collect or Die a whole new level of challenge that drew parallels to many of the earlier titles on the App Store. With the promise of future level packs, Collect or Die was a relatively sound investment for only $1.99, however today the game has gone on sale for a limited time at the unbeatable price of completely free.

While the developers have not specified a timeline or reason for this sale, I’d highly recommend picking up Collect or Die as soon as possible, irrespective of when the aforementioned expansion packs do eventually reach the full game. The tilt controls have been divisive on our forums, with many preferring the implementation of a touch screen alternative – there’s a chance that Collect or Die may be just a bit too frustrating for gamers who tend to mainly play on the move. However, I’d argue that the nostalgic charm of gyroscope-centred movement gave Collect or Die its own distinctive style, and being able to play the full game for free now gives a fantastic excuse for anyone on the fence to occasionally collect, and constantly die. Download Collect or Die on the App Store for free now, and let us know your impressions on our forum thread.

Thanks to my #2 Sebgo for the heads-up!

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