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‘Guns and Spurs’ Open-World Western Hits Mobile on March 25th

Sakis25 Games has been working away at Guns and Spurs, an open-world western, for a while now. But the good news is that the game is finally set to hit mobile on March 25th. The iOS version will be $1.99, and the Android version will be free with ads and an IAP to remove the ads. This is a ‘remasteered’ version of a game by the same name from 2010, made to modern standards and for mobile devices.

You’ll be traversing the old west, undergoing wanted missions, horse races, minigames, and picking up all manner of items. A wide variety of weapons and steeds to ride can be had as well. Considering the Red Dead franchise has shown how open-world, old-west, action games can be, there’s certainly some promise here if Sakis25 can make this into a fun game. If you’re excited for this one on the 25th, check out the forum thread to chat about the game with others and to get updates straight from the developer.