Villager Trading Has Just Been Added to ‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’

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We knew that Villager Trading was coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99), and today it’s finally here. Update 1.0.4 has gone live, and now you can trade to your heart’s content. Why should you care about Villager trading? Well, it offers a great way of getting your hands on all kinds of resources without having to go digging or killing for them. There are villagers with different professions, so don’t expect to get the same things from all of them. You can go here to find a list with all the trading possibilities. In addition to village trading, update 1.0.4 has added the Strangers Skin Pack, the ability to modify the UI, music, and sounds using Add-Ons, a new Add-On format that will ensure all of your Add-Ons are kept updated, and more.

There are also plenty of tweaks, like Husks being a bit taller than Zombies now and baby villagers having huge, cute heads. As is always the case, the update has also poured in a number of bug fixes that should make the game play better. The update is live now, so go start trading away.

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