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‘Orphan Black: The Game’ Is Coming March 23rd, Get Ready to Play as Your Favorite Clone

Orphan Black is one of my favorite shows, to a large degree because of Tatiana Maslany’s amazing acting, and now we’re getting an official tie-in game called, appropriately, Orphan Black: The Game. As you can see from the teaser trailer, the game looks like an isometric adventure game and is faithfully replicating many scenes from the show. There are also puzzle-like moments that remind me a lot of Square Enix’s GO games. The game is developed by the television studio that produces the actual show, so expect fidelity. According to a recent interview, one of the challenges the developers had was retelling the show’s story without turning it into a Telltale game.

The game will focus on the show’s fourth season, but more might come down the line if the game is successful enough. If you’re lucky and fast enough, you can sign up for the beta version (the website calls it a demo) here, but only the first 900 will get in. The game should be releasing March 23rd, so not too long to go before you get to play as your favorite clone.