‘Hearthstone’ Starts Teasing More ‘Journey to Un’Goro’ With an Expedition Journal

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) new expansion Journey to Un’Goro is heading our way at some point in April, but as is usually the case, Blizzard has started giving us more info on the expansion in entertaining ways. Today, we got E. Malone’s Expedition Journal – Week One, and it’s – probably – filled with clues on cards and themes. The journal starts at the City of Stormwind and with rumors of Galvadon, a semi-mythical beast rumored to live in Un’Goro Crater. The rumors become the impetus for Malone’s journey, and he soon finds his way to the City of Gadgetzan – where he votes for Kazakus apparently – and then the Un’Goro Crater Rim. Here we get some clues about brightly colored parrots called Jeweled Macaws – which I’m sure will find their way into the expansion. Elise Starseeker also chases after a huge butterfly, another possible card.

The journal includes safety rules like not touching any plants and keeping away from Elementals and Dinosaurs and ends with a choice of what to bring along for the rest of the expedition, an umbrella or a compass. I’m guessing that this choice will be something like a community-wide choose-your-own-adventure thing, so pick wisely. The voting ends March 10th, so I’m guessing that’s when we’ll get the Journal’s Week Two entry.

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