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‘Smash Anarchy’ Is a Hilarious-Looking Upcoming FPS Looking for Testers

Most FPS games are all about serious shooting and killing, but Smash Anarchy is definitely going a different way, and I like where it’s heading. In this game, you have to protect the last coffee plant in the world, which is probably the most noble mission in the history of mankind if you ask me. But your mission won’t be easy; you’ll have to fight a crazy number of alien monsters obsessed with your coffee. Your weapon of choice is a fruit gun, because why not. As you can see from the trailer, the game looks really fun and quite colorful.

Smash Anarchy will come with hundreds of levels, each with its own weather and day/night cycle, but I hope the levels feel different enough so they don’t get boring fast. There are also bosses to defeat and 3 different modes to choose from. The game will also utilize 3D Touch and will be playable on your Apple TV, too. If Smash Anarchy looks like your cup of coffee, hop over to our Upcoming Games forum thread and sign up for the upcoming beta.