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GDC 2017: Pixeljam Chats About ‘Bionic HARL’ and ‘BitKu’

Pixeljam’s working on a variety of stuff right now, some of which is bound for mobile. One game is Bionic HARL, a game that’s been in early state for a while, but is going into more active development now. You’ll be playing as a bionic warrior that is suddenly awakened, and has to use his jetpack in order to try and advance ever upward. Levels are planned for the game, with all sorts of different features that you can unlock over time. In fact, the game is set to release first on the Pico-8 platform in a smaller version, as Pixeljam are big fans of it, and want to show it some love.

They’re also working right now on BitKu, what can be best described as a 4-panel comic creator, but it constrains you a bit by giving you a random draw of 10 items that you can use. So, you have to make do with what you’re given, and it kind of forces you to come up with clever ideas. It’s fun, and it’s planned for mobile, but you can try it out for free right now on Steam.