‘Star Wars: Force Arena’ First Big Update Upgrades Rewards and Fixes Matchmaking

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Star Wars: Force Arena (Free) managed to do pretty well for itself, and its Clash Royale-inspired MOBA-style gameplay was a hit with players. The game has received its first big update of the year, with version 1.4 bringing some very welcome changes that should make playing the game more fun. The first big change is upgraded rewards missions. The Play Pack rewards should be better, and Season Rewards will also include Legendary Cards. Season lengths are also reduced now, so players will be getting season rewards every week. Finally, there are Daily Missions available with plenty of rewards.

The other big changes are on balancing and matchmaking. 2 new characters have been added, the Aqualish Engineer and the Wed Treadwell Droid, that should help balance out the factions. There are also stat adjustments, new systems for better matchmaking, and rating points adjustments. Add to that some UI improvements, and you can see how the 1.4 update should make the game more pleasant to play.

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