FunWall and Phoenix Raceway Have a Clever Plan for Mobile Gaming and Sports

FunWall is a proprietary mobile social gaming platform that can utilize existing digital infrastructure of stadiums and arenas to create all kinds of mobile gaming tournaments and play that adjust to whatever is going on in that arena. So, Phoenix Raceway has decided to bring in FunWall and become the first motosports venue to integrate social mobile gaming with the race day experience. FunWall will offer tournament games for the fans at the racetrack – which of course will offer all kinds of incentives to participate. FunWall has the technology to offer different games and competitions depending where you are located within the facility, so you can imagine all the opportunities that can create.

This is a very clever idea, and I can see something like this becoming a thing in many sports venues. Imagine going to a football game and playing in a tournament while in the bathroom; the possibilities are endless. Cool idea, I think, and I’m curious to see how well it will be implemented.