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Soft-Launched ‘InterPlanet’ Offers Large Space Battles and Galactic Conquest

Ready to fight for the future of the galaxy? The upcoming InterPlanet, currently in soft-launch, puts you in the middle of a huge intergalactic war, and you’ll have to either side with the Human or Anxo races and battle for survival and conquest. This 3D action-adventure strategy game is all about forming fleets of warships, gaining skills, and gathering resources that you’ll then use to strengthen your space bases and also improve your attacking fleets. As you can see from the trailer below, the battles look quite crazy, in a good way.

The game offers both single-player content – with a storyline created by veteran comic author and editor Dana Kurtin- and PvP raid battle mode. The game has soft-launched in Australia, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, and Singapore for iOS and Android, and you can find out more about it in our forum thread on the game. And if you don’t have an account in any of those places, use our soft-launch guide to make one.