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The Upcoming ‘Rhythm Doctor’ Combines Glitchstep Music and … Saving Patients?

This is definitely a weird one, but, often times the best mobile games are the strangest. Per a (surprisingly) information filled post in our forums, Rhythm Heaven is a upcoming single-tap rhythm game that puts players to the challenge of saving patients by tapping to every seventh beat. You’d think this would as easy as counting to seven, but the twist the game has is the music is “infected" leading to glitchstep. It makes more sense to just watch the trailer:

If you’re using a browser that has Flash installed, you can try a free web demo of the game which is pretty fun. The full version, once released, will have a 3-4 hour long main campaign and all sorts of other goodies which greatly expand upon the formula via boss battles, local multiplayer, and all sorts of other stuff. If any of this sounds interesting, dive into our forums.