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Take a Look at the Trailer for ‘Djinn Caster’, an Upcoming Kemco Action RPG

Someone better wake up Shaun Musgrave, because Kemco is teasing their next mobile release. It’s called Djinn Caster, and its due to hit the App Store later this month. Kemco isn’t getting specific beyond “February," so, that realistically likely either means next week the 15th or the following week of the 22nd. They just released a new trailer for the game this morning, which ticks off basically every box of things you’d expect out of an action RPG:

We’ve got giant numbers exploding from every enemy on screen, epic summons in the form of (as the title suggests) calling upon djinns, and a story which I’m sure will be delightfully cliche like most Kemco titles… Which depending on how you look at these sorts of things can be a good thing or a great thing.