‘Mega Man Mobile’ Updates with New Boss Rush Mode, Still Not Really Worth Buying

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Okay, let’s try to look at the positives here. Clearly, Capcom is not going to just leave these games behind. We’ve seen a couple of updates to the Mega Man Mobile games so far, and while they haven’t addressed the major issues with the games, it’s encouraging that they’re being done at all. Perhaps with time, these might be the versions they really ought to have been. That said, if you’ve bought one or more of them already and you’re trying to make the best of things, you might be happy to hear about the latest updates.

Basically, all six games have been updated to add a Boss Rush mode to each of them. From the game menu, you can now choose to take on a special mode where you face all of the Robot Masters from the game, one after another, in random order. You’ll be given all of the weapons up-front, and each defeated boss will leave some life energy behind. Beat them all, and you’ll face them again, but under slightly more difficult conditions. Repeat until you die. The trick is that you don’t get any weapon power-ups, so unless you’re handy with the pea-shooter, it can get dicey in a hurry. After you die, your score is marked in a local top 5 list which can be checked from the main menu.

Again, it’s not much, but it is good to see any kind of updates coming, let alone one that adds something fairly substantial to the games. These new versions don’t fix any of the other problems with the games, but if an active team is still working on the games, there’s at least a chance for things to improve. While we wait for that day to come, we’ll just have to spend our time punching bosses in their stupid robot faces over and over again. Punching… with bullets.


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