‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Starting to Release Worldwide in Staggered Rollout

The rollout of Fire Emblem: Heroes has begun. As of about 1:45AM CST, the game is starting to show up around the world in a number of countries, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and several European countries. If you don’t have the game in your territory yet (notably North America) then hold on – it looks like the game is quickly propagating worldwide rather than just being available all at once. The Japanese version is the same as the English version on the iTunes store, so just mash this Fire Emblem Heroes iTunes link until it works. We’ll update when the app is available worldwide, especially in the US and Canada. Note that there seems to be a similar situation going on with the Android version with a staggered rollout.

It’ll be interesting to see how Fire Emblem Heroes plays and monetizes. It has many of the hallmarks of other DeNA games, so it could wind up being the most traditional free-to-play game of the bunch for Nintendo so far. But we’ll see just how players and the market take to this, the third Nintendo mobile game (not counting The Pokemon Company games).