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‘Mascot Dunks’ is Like ‘NBA Jam Dunks: The Game’ and is Arriving February 16th

You remember that awesome feeling you’d get by pulling off some gravity-defying dunks in NBA Jam? And you know how at basketball games during halftime they’ll sometimes have their mascot come out and jump off a trampoline to try and emulate those NBA Jam-style dunks in real life? Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine those two things? That’s exactly what Crimson Pine Games are attempting to do with their upcoming game Mascot Dunks. The entire affair is controlled with just a single tap as you bounce on a series of trampolines performing stunts and ultimately ending in a (hopefully) successful jam at the rim. With 31 customizable mascots to unlock and play with, everyone is bound to find the anthropomorphic dunker that’s right for them. Check out the trailer for Mascot Dunks.

Of course, as in real life and in video games, you’re not always successful, as the trailer for Mascot Dunks shows. Some of those bails looked pretty painful, even for cartoon characters. I’m really intrigued by the concept though, and it brings to mind one of my all-time favorite time wasters Bouncy! (Free) which is also about hopping on a trampoline and trying not to biff it. Crimson Pine has put out some good games in the past including Drifty Chase (Free) and Jump Buddies (Free), so I’m feeling confident that Mascot Dunks will be as cool as it appears to be in the trailer. Look for it in just a couple weeks when it launches on February 16th.