‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ Is Out in North America, Finally

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The wait is over, North America. Fire Emblem: Heroes (Free)is finally out on this side of the world, too. The game started appearing on App Stores across the world late last night, but we were left to wait for hours and repeatedly check that iTunes link. No more, though, and now we can also join the Fire Emblem party. If you haven’t read anything about the game yet, then you’re probably living in a cave somewhere with no power and no internet. But for those few who don’t know much about it, Fire Emblem: Heroes is Nintendo’s mobile version of its famous franchise, and it will have you collecting heroes and doing battles.

I’m very interested to see how players will receive the game, especially given its F2P monetization scheme. The game offers plenty of ways to play, like season events, Arena Duels, and Hero Battles, as well as new art and new voice-overs. Go jump in and let me know what you think of Fire Emblem: Heroes.

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