‘The Astonishing Game’ Based on Dream Theater’s Concept Album Now Available

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Turbo Tape Games’ digital board game The Astonishing ($2.99), based on the 2-disc concept album by progressive metal band Dream Theater, is now available on the App Store. And yes, the game is full of riffs, keyboards, and an earnest yet kinda cheesy in a good way theme running through it. Representing the story of the album, where the forces of the Ravenskill Rebel Militia use the power of music to help fight against the Great Northern Empire of the Americas and their deadly forces set to oppress the general population.

The game itself has kind of a chess aspect to it, where you summon different pieces using “motivation" (the game’s mana) and try to command boost tiles that increase your motivation pool, eventually going to try and take out the enemy’s camps at their end of the board. Take out 3 camps and you win. It seems like an intriguing take on a digital board game. What’s cool is that there are contests with prizes you can win if you complete certain in-game objectives by a certain real-world time. There’s no online multiplayer yet, but there is a story mode and local multiplayer.

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