The Executioner Joins ‘Clash Royale’ and Will Probably Shake the Game Up

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Just when you thought your Clash Royale (Free) units were safe, here comes the Executioner to lob some heads off and probably change the whole meta. The Executioner unlocks at Arena 9, costs 5 Elixir, and causes area damage, which makes him great for taking out swarms. What’s even better is his axe flies in a straight line and then it comes back like a boomerang, damaging everything twice. With his long range and the ability to hurt ground and air units, the Executioner will certainly find a place in many decks. His weakness is his slow attack speed or 2.4 seconds, a century in game terms. As you can see in the video below, he’s a lot of fun to use, and while he can be countered by swarming him from the sides, he’ll still do very well in many decks.

I’m glad to see new cards added to the game, but I wish he wasn’t unlocked in Arena 9. Supercell’s philosophy surprises me quite often because they don’t use all these new cards to get new players into the game. I would like to see new cards in lower Arenas as well. The Executioner is available now, so go start lobbing off heads.

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