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Two New ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Videos Give Us a Lengthy Look at the Heroes and Heroines in the Game

We were just about wrapped up for the week here at TouchArcade Towers, and our own Shaun Musgrave had to go and spoil it all by pointing out some new Fire Emblem Heroes videos that we hadn’t posted about yet. Thanks a lot Shaun! For the uninitiated, Fire Emblem Heroes was announced earlier this month during a Nintendo Direct broadcast and pits characters from the Fire Emblem universe against one another in free to play battle. Cynicism about free to play aside, Fire Emblem Heroes actually looks really decent as far as free to play collect-a-thon battlers go. Check out these first two videos which showcase some of the many characters you’ll see in the game, followed by the official trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes is scheduled for release on iOS and Android next week on February 2nd, and through January 31st you can vote for which characters you’d like to see added to the game. You can also pre-register for the game on Android through the Google Play store in a similar fashion to how Apple allowed you to be notified when Super Mario Run was released, and let’s hope the Android version of notifying works in a more timely fashion than Apple’s did. If you aren’t in need of any notification then simply look for Fire Emblem Heroes to arrive next Thursday.