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‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ Running ‘Choose Your Legends’ Event

I know many of you weren’t that excited after seeing the Fire Emblem: Heroes announcement, but I also know that most of you will still play the game even occasionally. Nintendo is currently running an event called Choose Your Legends that will let players vote their favorite heroes from the whole Fire Emblem series. The voting is over on January 31st, and once the results are tallied, the top hero and heroine will appear in the game wearing special Choose Your Legends outfits. These special versions of the characters will be available in the future to be summoned through Orbs that you can either buy or earn. There will also be monthly calendar wallpapers featuring the 10 top heroes and heroines.

If you have a Nintendo Account and you link it prior to voting, you’ll receive 200 Platinum Points for My Nintendo once you submit your first hero choice. The points will be awarded after the event ends. There are two ways to vote; you either select a title from the Fire Emblem series and then choose a specific hero from that game or you choose a randomly selected hero. Voting has begun, so go join the party.