‘BioShock’ for iOS is Officially Dead

The white whale for a ton of our readers has been BioShock on iOS. Sure, it released back in 2014, but it disappeared from the App Store after only a few months due to incompatibilities with iOS 8.4 and later. And despite promises that it would be fixed, 2K never got around to fixing. And according to former TouchArcade forum mod Killercow, 2K recently updated their support page to say that BioShock is never coming back:

While perhaps a port of a game that’s still readily available on several other platforms disappearing on mobile is far from a cardinal sin, this still sucks. While I gave up hope on the update ever happening a long time ago, a lot of mobile gaming enthusiasts really wanted this update. While seriously, if you wanted to play a copy you’d own forever, a DRM-free version is available on Humble), I get the anger over this. It was a $15 purchase, and it disappeared in less than a year. Capcom was able to fix Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ($14.99). While you can still play BioShock on other platforms, a lot of people are going to use this as an example to not buy expensive games on iOS, and it’s hard to blame them when a rogue iOS update could break everything and even a massive multinational publisher would do nothing about it.

Rest in peace, oh dear BioShock.