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‘Toaster Swipe’ Needs Beta Testers, as We Found Out From Discord

SnoutUp is a developer active on our forums who is looking for testers for their new game Toaster Swipe. You swipe to help a friendly toaster make its way up a dangerous maze, collecting pieces of toast along the way. And of course, there will be a bunch of outfits for your toaster of choice to pick up. What’s interesting is that despite this being an endless game, there’s going to be multiple endless levels, including community-designed levels. If you’re interested in beta testing, and possibly even creating levels, check out the forum thread for more details.

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If you’re not hanging around in our Discord, this is a good reason to do so. We’re already seeing developers like SnoutUp sharing Testflights to get feedback, and some testers have been picked up thanks to posting in the #ios_games channel. While it’s smart to hang around our forums as there’s some cool opportunities to chat with developers and help test out betas, you need to get into our Discord too. Gamers, developers, and of course the TouchArcade crew are hanging around there, and it’s led to some fun and interesting discussions so far. Such as finding out about this game after missing it on the first go-around. And for us, it’s been interesting to see some of the developer talk and to see what our community is saying in real-time on the channel, even after just ramping up our usage in the past week. Seriously, whether you’re just a mobile gamer or if you’re a developer looking to reach out to folks, come on by Discord!