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Kingdom-Building Survival Game ‘Kingdom: New Lands’ Coming to iOS and Android January 31st

kingdomiconYou may recall seeing Raw Fury’s Kingdom way back at GDC in March of last year when we went hands-on with an early build of the mobile version. The plan was to release the game on mobile later that summer, but it didn’t quite pan out that way. That’s not such a bad thing though as this past August saw the release of an expansion for Kingdom on desktop and console called New Lands, and since the mobile versions took a wee bit longer than anticipated now we’ll be getting the full Kingdom: New Lands experience when it arrives on iOS and Android at the end of this month.

In Kingdom: New Lands, you’ll start off as either a King or Queen trying to build a kingdom from scratch. You can explore the 2D terrain by galloping back and forth on your horse, searching for coins and drifters to recruit to your kingdom. You’ll then use your coins and new followers to slowly build out your stronghold to base your kingdom around. The game has a day/night cycle, and similar to other survival/crafting games, you’ll have to ward off some evil creatures when the sun goes down. Your ultimate goal is to build out your kingdom and keep it going for as many days as possible. Check out the launch trailer for Kingdom: New Lands on desktop and console to get an idea what it’s like.

Kingdom was originally conceived by Thomas van den Berg (aka noio) and Marco Bancale (aka Licorice) and release as a simple Flash game in 2013, a version which still exists today. The game proved extremely popular and noio always envisioned it as a perfect game for mobile. Shortly after, Raw Fury came onto the scene to flesh it out into a full-fledged game and released it on desktop in October of 2015, with the New Lands expansion releasing alongside a version for Xbox One in August of 2016. It’s been a long journey but the mobile version will finally bring noio’s original vision full circle on January 31st for a price of $9.99, and it will feature all of the exact same content as its desktop and console counterparts, just with revamped controls suited for touch. Also it will be a fully Universal app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. This is definitely a unique game that should be a nice match for mobile play, so look for Kingdom: New Lands when it arrives on iOS and Android on January 31st.