‘Aether Revolt’ Comes to ‘Magic Duels’ in Latest Update

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Magic Duels (Free) continues to improve after a relatively iffy initial release, and today we got another update that added Aether Revolt, Magic the Gathering‘s new expansion which actually arrives tomorrow for the physical game. Aether Revolt describes the event after the Consulate’s betrayal, which led to thousands of inventions being stolen and peaceful automatons turned into military enforcers. So now, the people of Kaladesh are rising up. The update is adding some pretty cool cards as well as some new mechanics like Revolt and Improvise. Cards with Revolt give you all kinds of interesting bonuses if that condition is met while spells with Improvise let you use your artifacts to help cast them.

In addition to the new cards, this new update improves the deck builder by adding a ton of different filters you can use to make the exact deck you’ve been dreaming. They’ve also improved matchmaking for multiplayer and fixed a ton of other bugs. Enjoy the new expansion.

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