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GDC 2016: ‘Kingdom’ Is Heading to Mobile

Raw Fury announced recently that they are bringing their Steam hit game Kingdom to mobile. Developed by Noio, Kingdom is a 2D simulation of a king or queen building out a new kingdom from scratch. Starting off by building the center of the base, recruiting troops, and assigning them rolls by building the proper tool for their role. The simple controls lead to easy game play yet each day becomes incredibly more difficult requiring that defenses be built up constantly to counter the increasingly difficult nightly attacks.

The key to the game is finding the balance of defensive troops with builders and farmers. Builders help shore up the defenses and other buildings while farmers generate income to allow further growth. The game starts out really simple yet progresses with new attackers and building types as the game gets more difficult. Throughout the game, budgeting the gold is the greatest concern as the lack of gold limits your building of defenses.

I’ve played the game quite a bit from Steam and the games can be multiple hours if played from start to end. Handling the game length is one of the key elements of porting this game from the PC version. The mobile version will save the progress twice per in-game “day" which enables much smaller sized gameplay segments. Keep a lookout for Kingdom later this year. It’s available now on Steam and soon on Xbox.