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‘Forward Assault’ Aims to Be the Next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Mobile

I feel like over the years I’ve lost count of the number of promising Counter-Strike-likes we’ve seen in development on mobile. If you’re unfamiliar with the Counter-Strike phenomenon the tl;dr basically amounts to it started its life as a mod for the PC game Half-Life back in 1999 and quickly turned into the game to play at LAN parties. Since then, it’s turned into a global phenomenon with the most recent iteration, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is played as an eSport and has a huge real-money in-game economy for skins. (Don’t even ask me how much I paid for my dumb knife skin, holy sh*t, I am an idiot.) Anyway, it feels like every once in a while a cool looking beta will pop up that looks a lot like Counter-Strike then for whatever reason it just fizzles out. Hopefully that’s not the case with Forward Assault, a game that’s being constantly teased on Twitter and currently available in its “unreleased" form on Google Play.

So far, it seems surprisingly full featured with all the weapons you’d expect a game like this to have (including my own personal favorite, the Desert Eagle) as well as a ranked mode. Better yet, usually games like this only pop up on Android, but the developer of Forward Assault just kicked off a iOS beta test which you can sign up for. YouTube is filled with a bunch of different videos on the game and I must say I’m… cautiously optimistic in it being pretty awesome.