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‘OrbitR’ Is a Rad-Looking Upcoming Twitch-Puzzle Game Due out Soon

It seems like every iteration of maze games possible has already been done on the App Store, but something about the trailer of Motion Lab’s OrbitR makes it feel way more fresh than all the other stuff out there. The basic idea of the game is that you try to make your way to the center of each circular maze by tapping the screen to change the direction you’re heading. 80 levels will be included for free, with additional packs available for purchase. Take a look at the game in motion:

It looks super rad, and I dig the idea of doing a maze game that doesn’t involve tilt controls and instead just uses a single tap, as I feel like people are really gravitating towards one-button games these days. Including 80 levels for free seems super generous, and I’ll be curious to see how the game does giving that much content away for free.