The RPG Reload Play-Along of ‘Final Fantasy’ is Going Strong, It’s Not Too Late to Join

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In case you missed it, at the beginning of September of last year Shaun posted a State of the Union of sorts for his fantastic weekly feature RPG Reload. Having just passed the two-year mark of the feature, Shaun was starting to realize that there simply weren’t enough classic RPGs left on the App Store to continue doing a lengthy feature on one each and every week, unless he was going to start digging into the Kemco archives. And nobody wants to see that. Instead, he decided to spin off the idea of RPG Reload into several types of features, one of them being a play-along where the community would, well, play along through a game with Shaun over the course of a month. That first RPG Reload Play-Along began last week with the ultimate classic Final Fantasy ($7.99).

Well, much like the original RPG Reload feature itself, Shaun and the rest of us at TouchArcade have been blown away by the response to the play-along so far. Many forum regulars have joined in on the fun, and many brand new members have signed up for our forums just to be a part of it as well. The gaming experience of those involved runs the gamut from those who have beaten Final Fantasy multiple times over the years, those who haven’t played them in many, many years but are excited to give it a go again for the purpsoes of the play-along, and even those who have NEVER played a Final Fantasy game before, like our new friend in the forums Krötenbändiger, a name which the best I can tell translates to Toad Tamer. You can read an account of Krötenbändiger’s first experiences with Final Fantasy here, with a follow up post from day 3 here.

Anyway, the entire idea of the play-along is a fantastic one, and so far people have really been enjoying playing through Final Fantasy and sharing their experiences in the forums. If you missed the start of the Final Fantasy play-along last week or perhaps you saw it but were just feeling a bit timid about playing through a game in public, well don’t despair! It’s not too late to get started as it’ll be running through the end of January and there’s certainly no reason to be shy. Our group of players is extremely friendly and more than willing to share strategies and advice for those who need it, and it seems like everyone is having a lot of unique adventures to share. Comments will be closed for this article so we can keep the play-along discussion contained in our forums, so if you’re interested in checking it out head over to the The January 2017 RPG Reload Play-Along Thread and see what all the fuss is about!


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