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Beta Opens for Platform Shooter ‘Get Me Outta Here’, New Trailer Released

Back in July of last year, we brought you the first video of Get Me Outta Here, a new platform shooter from the two brother development team Rossman Bros Games. The entire project started the previous April, and now just about six months out from that first early look at the alpha version and the Rossman Bros are finally opening up the beta testing and have provided a new trailer of the game. Get Me Outta Here is about a man who is abducted by aliens and must blast his way off of their ship. It’s an arena-style platform shooter similar to something like Super Crate Box, and features a ton of zany weaponry and enemies to blast. Check out the new video.

Those who have been following along in the forum thread and have shown interest in the game have already received invites for the beta test, but there are still some spots open both for this current testing period as well as for future builds, so if you’d like to try and get in on that check out the information in this post to see how to sign up. Otherwise, follow along with the rest of the thread to keep up to date with the progress of Get Me Outta Here and look for the game to release at some point this spring.