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“Platforming Golf” is the New Genre Created for ‘Golf Zero’, From the Makers of ‘Wrassling’ and ‘It’s a Space Thing’

We love Colin Lane’s games around the virtual offices of TouchArcade, and I’m personally a huge fan of wacky physics-based games which Lane has specialized in with the likes of Wrassling (Free), Epic Flail (Free), and Dunkers (Free). He’s also got a penchant for golf as evidenced by his previously released Golf is Hard (Free) and Battle Golf (Free) as well as the reveal of his latest project called Golf Zero, which is a collaboration with indie game developer Brad Erkkila whose work includes It’s a Space Thing (Free) and FlipChamps (Free). Ok, now that we’ve established that Lane and Erkkila have created and released a bunch of awesome games already and both seem to like the game of golf, what the heck is Golf Zero all about then? Unsurprisingly, this is NOT a traditional game of golf.

The developers have dubbed this “platforming golf" and it involves your character making its way through a gauntlet of crazy hazards and environments, and even sacrificing their own life, in order to get into the proper position to launch a tiny ball into a tiny hole. Which is the ultimate goal of golf, you see. Golf Zero is golf… but with platforming! Oh, their phrase totally makes sense now! Not many more details are out at the moment regarding Golf Zero, but we can expect it “soon" and for now I’ll leave you with a couple more Twitter teases showing a bit more of the game in action.