Our 2016 Game of the Year ‘Crashlands’ is on Sale for the First Time Ever

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When we posted Crashlands ($6.99) as our Game of the Year pick for 2016 this past Friday, I was really blown away by just how many people seemed to agree. We’re sort of used to having dissenting opinions against the games we pick for features like that, which isn’t surprising as “favorite" or “best" game picks are such a subjective thing. But it seems like just about everyone loves Crashlands! Well, if you’re one of the people who didn’t hop on the Crashlands bandwagon in 2016 but all the Game of the Year buzz has you curious to check it out, now is a pretty great time to do so as the game is on sale for the first time ever, down to just $1.99 from its already pretty darn reasonable regular price of $4.99.

With the amount of content and potentially dozens if not hundreds of hours to lose to Crashlands, two bucks seems almost criminal. However, it’s a really nice price for those who have been on the fence because even if it ends up not being your cup of tea, well hey, what’s two bucks, you know? Besides our Game of the Year write up which talks a lot about how the game came to be, you can also check out our original review which goes more in-depth about the actual mechanics of the game, as well as our write up on the Juicemancy update which hit earlier this month and adds a sweet item enchanting system, MFi controller support, and more. No matter how you slice it, Crashlands for two bucks is a heck of a deal, so don’t miss out!

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