‘King Rabbit’ Looking for Testers for Its Level Builder

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If you enjoy playing King Rabbit (Free) but wanted more levels, here’s your chance to help with the game’s upcoming level editor. As the developer, RareSloth, pointed out in our forum thread, the team consists of only 2 guys, so making enough levels to keep up with your voracious appetite has been a challenge from the get-go. For example, they would spend weeks building new levels only to have players complete them in a day or even less. So, they decided to turn the responsibility of making new levels to the players by making a level builder. The level builder will both offer more entertainment to players but also allow the developers to move to a new project while keeping King Rabbit alive.

The level builder is currently in what the developers call “early access," and the few participating players have build over 300 levels so far. Now the developers want more members of the TouchArcade community to test the level builder, so if you want to be one of those, head over to the Upcoming Games forum thread and either email or private message your email to RareSloth.

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