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Check Out the First Trailer for Upcoming 3D Metroidvania ‘Morphite’

Crescent Moon Games and We’re Five Games’ Morphite has seemed rather intriguing, seemingly combining space exploration with the ability to visit planets and find their secrets. And while we’ve had a ton of screenshots to peruse so far, video footage has been tough to come by. Well, now we have some, as a trailer for the upcoming exploration title has been revealed:

They’re calling this a Metroidvania, and it sure seems like it’s taking a lot from Metroid Prime. In particular, the mention of scanning seems particularly reminiscent of that game. You’ll play as Myrah Kale, along with Kitcat, a sarcastic cat drone. There are 15 chapters in total, with different planets to explore in the solar system, which you can fly to in your ship with space combat! Oh, and the game’s gonna have a hookshot. Expect Morphite in early 2017, and head to the forum thread to chat about this one more.