Date a Horse With a Man’s Face in ‘My Horse Prince’, the Localized ‘Uma no Prince-Sama’

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It was not long ago when someone mentioned 10 Billion Husbands (Free) that it made me wonder, “When can I play that man-horse dating game that Shaun was talking about?" Well, coincidentally, Usaya Co. has fulfilled my desire to play a game where I can date a horse with a man’s face: My Horse Prince (Free) is now available in English on the App Store! Dreams do come true, folks. All you gotta do is believe.

my-horse-prince-2 my-horse-prince-1

The actual game has you trying to answer questions for your horse prince to build up the relationship with him and advance the story, with talk sessions that recharge every so often. You can buy a points doubler, ad removal IAP, and golden carrots that allow you to use the chapter’s meter-building items without draining your horse paramour’s energy. This might be the game of the year. It is certainly a thing that exists. For more, read Shaun’s article on the Japanese version, Uma no Prince-Sama.

What a time to be alive!

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