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Upcoming ‘Go Go Fairy Gals’ Is a Promising Arcade Shooter Looking for Testers

When people think of fairies, they think of delicate little creatures, but the upcoming Go Go Fairy Gals will make you rethink your views. The upcoming shooter game takes place in a magical world (of course) where everyone divine and not co-exists in harmony. Every century, the King holds an “exorcism" competition (now that’s a movie I would watch) and representatives from each race compete for the honor of being top exorcist. Again, that’s a reality show I would definitely watch.

The game has you flying around the battlefield and using one finger to shoot all the enemies down while avoiding everything that’s coming your way. There are 6 fairies you can unlock, each with unique skills and abilities, over 300 items to equip, and global leaderboards. If this game sounds like your cup of exorcism, go to our Upcoming Games forum thread and sign up for the beta.