‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Offers Limited-Time Bundle With all Kinds of Goodies

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Pathfinder Adventures(Free) developers continue to offer new content and new ways to enjoy the game, and this time around they’ve decided to offer a limited-time bundle that gives players some pretty cool stuff. The Barbarian’s Bloody Bundle comes with a new character, Amiri, a tribal warrior and one-woman extermination machine. New characters are always a great addition to Pathfinder Adventures, and Amiri sounds like a fun one. The bundle also includes a Legendary card, Prayer of Gorum, a Rare card, Belkzen Warchief, and 25 chests filled with new cards and dice. This is a pretty good deal, especially for those who just can’t have enough of Pathfinder Adventures and keep wanting more content.

The Bundle costs $9.99 and will only be available until December 7th, so don’t wait too long before grabbing it. I’m enjoying all the extra content Obsidian has been offering us, but now I think I’m ready for the multiplayer part of the game to be added. Imagine how much fun will be had playing through all this content with friends and strangers.

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