All-Time Classic ‘Tiny Wings’ is Heading to Apple TV with Split-Screen Multiplayer

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When we look back at the history of mobile games and pinpoint the titles that helped define the platform, Andreas Illiger’s Tiny Wings ($1.99) will most certainly be near the top of the list. It took the world by storm following its release in early 2011, and continued the tradition of games like Doodle Jump and Angry Birds in both topping the charts and becoming a cultural phenomenon linked to mobile gaming. We absolutely loved it in our original 5 star review, but about a year and a half later Illiger released a massive version 2.0 update alongside a native iPad version called Tiny Wings HD ($2.99) which we also loved. A couple of years later we received a more minor update adding in some new levels and features, but we haven’t heard a whole lot on the Tiny Wings front since then. Until today when Andreas Illiger took to our forums to announce that Tiny Wings is heading to the Apple TV. While maybe not quite as whimsical as the amazing teaser trailer for the version 2.0 update, the teaser for Tiny Wings on Apple TV is still incredibly charming.

The biggest feature for the Apple TV version of Tiny Wings is likely to be the split-screen multiplayer. The iPad version of the game features a similar same-device multiplayer mode, and as most gamers know there’s nothing quite like competing against your buddies who are sitting right next to you. This is also the perfect game to be controlled with the Siri Remote, but you’ll also be able to pair an MFi controller or use the iOS version of Tiny Wings to control the game on the Apple TV. Tiny Wings is a game that will never, ever leave my iPhone, and it’s still every bit as fun to fire up today as it was when it first launched more than 5 years ago. I look forward to giving it a go on the big screen when Tiny Wings arrives on Apple TV December 1st.

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