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Mi-Clos’ Cooperative ‘Antioch: Scarlet Bay’ Coming March 2017

Mi-Clos has given us the fantastic Out There, and subsequently the expanded Out There: Ω Edition ($3.99), and has been teasing some other intriguing games as well. Now we know that Antioch: Scarlet Bay, which was supposed to release in 2016, is actually coming March 2017, and we have a trailer for it. Antioch is a online cooperative interactive fiction game, and the word “cooperative" really caught my eye the first time I heard about the game. The story is written by Fibretigre (who wrote Out There), and in Antioch you play as one of two detectives working together to solve a challenging crime. The evidence will lead you to the city of Antioch (not the Greek one), a dark metropolis that I’m sure has a criminal underbelly.

By having you play with another human, Mi-Clos hopes that this interactive story will unfold differently and make the genre feel fresh again. The developers emphasize that while you’ll need to cooperate with your fellow detective, some times disagreeing will be useful, too. The art style is, as always, fantastic, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The game will be playable on phones, tablets, and the Apple Watch.