Freebie Alert: Stylish Physics Puzzler ‘Perchang’ Currently Free

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Perchang the developer, which was formed earlier this year by a former member of Rodeo Games during their hiatus, released Perchang ($1.99) the video game back in June to an incredibly positive reception. Perchang is a physics puzzler that sees you manipulating various objects in Rube Goldberg-like levels and using the force of gravity in order to corral enough tiny balls into a goal. It had very clever level designs and a clean aesthetic, and right now you can experience that for yourself as Perchang has just dropped to free for the first time since its release.

While the initial download of Perchang offers 60 levels of gravity-based puzzling, there is also an expansion pack released last month which offers another 24 levels that take a lid off of the gravity somewhat, almost like levels that take place on the moon. It’s a fun spin on the regular Perchang formula, and for two bucks, you can currently get the original game and expansion for the same price that the base game originally launched at. Pretty good deal if you ask me! So head on over to the App Store and grab Perchang during this freebie promotion.

  • Perchang: A Portal Puzzler

    Over 5 million players worldwide!!! Welcome to Perchang, the only physics puzzler with red AND blue buttons… probably…
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