‘Mikey Jumps’ Hits the App Store

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Well, it’s official, the Mikey series of games is now a quadrilogy (or, I guess, a tetralogy?). Mikey Jumps (Free) hit the App Store a little while ago, joining Mikey Shorts ($1.99), Mikey Hooks ($1.99) and Mikey Boots ($1.99). Mikey Jumps feels like a bit of a “best of" collection of the different Mikey mechanics, as all the various differences of the “main" games come out in their own ways in a series of super short levels.

Made by two TouchArcade forum members, the Mikey series have been favorites in our community for years now. If you dig Mikey Jumps (which is free) and somehow haven’t played the rest of the Mikey games, think about picking up the Mikey trilogy which gets you all three games for three bucks instead of the normal price of six.

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