‘Perchang’ Trades Gravity for 24 New Levels in Its Newest ‘Black’ Expansion Pack, Out Now

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Despite sounding like some obscure search engine, Perchang ($1.99) has received plaudits over months since its release for being an extremely enjoyable and deceptively difficult puzzle game under its ultra-polished guise. In fact, the neologism that is the game’s name is particularly fitting – beneath the surface is a wacky puzzle game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is really reminiscent of the early App Store era, in the best possible way. Earlier this month we brought you the news of a new zero-gravity expansion for the game called Perchang Black, and right on time the new DLC has released today with 24 new levels for $1.99, which will be great for fans of the original who wanted even more content to manipulate ball bearings through.

From my brief experience with the Perchang Black expansion, it’s immediately evident that it’s not just the color scheme that has been inverted. With a new zero gravity feature, which makes the balls even more susceptible to manipulation throughout the level, you’re forced to go against preconceptions and experiment with the contraptions in some really creative ways to complete each task. However, at its core it is still the same gameplay that was such a hit back at its launch in June, and this expansion will, at the very least, add an extra batch of levels to keep you yelling “Perchang!" for weeks. If you were a fan of the original game, I’d definitely recommend giving Perchang Black a look, and let us know what you think of the new levels on our forums.

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