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‘Prevail’ Might be Coming Soon, Although I Wouldn’t Put Money On That

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Prevail is a game we’ve been writing about for years (literally), with our last stories coming more than a year ago and the forum thread for the game being around since 2011. In what is (hopefully) promising news, though, the developer posted in our Upcoming Games forum thread that Prevail is just a couple of bug fixes away from getting submitted, and that should be happening soon. So, fingers crossed that this time around we’ll actually get to play the game soon.

If you haven’t read anything about the game in the last five years or so, Prevail is a 2D open-world adventure game with procedurally-generated galaxies where you explore and discover all kinds of things, ride all kinds of weird vehicles, and much, much more. This is a very ambitious game, and if they manage to pull it off, it’s going to be great fun to play (If being a keyword there). Check out the game’s forum thread for more info.

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