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MMA Management Game ‘Fight Team Rivals’ Soft Launches in Australia, Adds New Features

About a year and a bit ago, I wrote about the upcoming MMA management game Fight Team Rivals and how it was quite fun to play for those who enjoy fighting games and management games. The developers have continued to work on the game, as they’ve been talking about in our Upcoming Games forum thread, and have today announced that the game has also soft launched in Australia in addition to Ireland. In the meantime, they’ve been working to improve many aspects of the game. They’ve improved Gym facilities by letting players install training and medical equipment, hire specialists, and recruit staff to help improve your fighters. This is a big addition since it will let you customize your fighters more.

The game doesn’t let you actually fight, but you can pick fighter disciplines, give fighters instructions on how to fight, and much more. I enjoyed it when I played it back then, and I’m hoping the game continues to improve. Jump over to our forums and maybe you can get to play it early.